Project management

Project management is control of all initially selected construction parameters, control over the timely execution and supervision of other project participants.

Project management involves the management and maintenance of multiple parameters.

  • Budget
  • Deadlines
  • Selection of technical characteristics
  • Control over the design and construction supervision
  • Planning stages of work
  • Participation at commissioning

One of the common problems is the increase in the project budget during the construction phase. The goal of the company that project management is leading is to find optimized solutions so that budget increase would be at minimum. This is achieved by selecting other design solutions, saving money on the less important areas, etc.

Facility management

One of our directions is Facility Management. All our projects are performed taking into account the need for simple operation.

Facility management is – real estate management, to maximize the profit of the owner of the object.

If you are a property owner, then for object management, you can assemble and train your own team, but you can also trust people, who have considerable experience and knowledge behind them to conduct such projects more efficiently.

The scope of facility management:

  • Work with tenants. Agreements, rents, current economic issues etc.
  • Management of all economic processes. From replacing light bulbs to resolving any problems encountered at the facility.
  • Work with the staff. Search, recruitment and management.

Outcome: all areas are leased, all tenants are happy, the profit of the owner increases.

What are the advantages of facility management?

  • Coordinated work of different spheres of economic activity
  • Due to the large centralized procurement of supplies, their cost decreases
  • By virtue of their interest, facility companies are the first to know about innovations that can be used in business processes and implement them first.
  • Facility Company is financially responsible for the result of labor. And as a consequence is interested in improving its quality.
  • Company’s management will not be distracted from the important work