We design and construct taking into account all the nuances that are necessary for further maintenance and real estate management.

Interior design

  • Office space zoning
  • Selection of materials and interior details
  • Selection of style and design trends
  • Selection of furniture and office equipment

Architectural solutions

  • Explanatory note
  • Overview of the project
  • Project detailing
  • Architectural products
  • Evacuation routes and flow of people

Constructive solution

  • Changes in the main load-bearing structures (strengthening)
  • Connections between floors (stairs, elevators, escalators)
  • Openings and holes
  • Additions and extensions,
  • Additional suspended floors (mezzanines)

Heating Ventilation and air Conditioning

  • Calculation of air flow (air supply and exhaust air)
  • Calculation of the heating system
  • Calculation of cooling air

Water supply and Sewerage

  • Calculation of consumption of hot and cold water
  • Calculation of emissions of solid waste and sewage

Automatic fire extinguishing,

  • System design of water fire-fighting system (sprinkler system and deluge curtains)
  • Design of powder and gas-based extinguisher

Low-voltage network

  • Structured cabling systems (SCS)
  • Access control system (ACS)
  • Fire alarm system
  • Design of audio and video systems

Electric Categories

  • Power supply system
  • System of electric lighting
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Selection of panel equipment