In Bauberg most valuable asset is the staff. We are fully dedicated to the protection of the safety and health of all our employees.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is a secondary issue to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for Bauberg employees. In all endeavors, safety is the top priority of the company.

Effective program of safety needs to obtain approval from senior management. In Bauberg, the security is valued as highly as quality and productivity. Bauberg’s management understands that security when performing a task is just as important as meeting deadlines and providing a quality product. In its turn, safety at the workplace leads to increased productivity and quality of work execution.

An effective safety program should be created with the participation of all Bauberg employees. All employees share the responsibility of the team of inspectors following safety regulations in the workplace and beyond, thus contributing to the development of safety and a healthy lifestyle.

The policy and procedures outlined in the Bauberg Security Program is designed to help employees in minimizing the risks that are possible in the implementation of complex and difficult work performed by Bauberg. The purpose of the Bauberg security program is the creation of a culture of safety awareness among all employees. To achieve this goal, all levels of the organization should work together to identify, assess and address risks faced by employees. The desire to achieve the goals of accident prevention and risk management will always be the main priority of Bauberg. The use of the work to achieve these goals will clearly affect our organization, customers, and most importantly the health and safety of each employee.