Almaty, SEC "Mega Park"
Area: 110 sq. m.
Internal finishing works
Network engineering
Electrical and low-voltage operations
Fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems
Timeframe: 4 weeks

Shoes store and accessories "TERGAN"

Tergan - one of the most popular networks of Turkish leather shoes and accessories. This is the first boutique Tergan in Kazakhstan. Customers liked how we did the work in the F&F boutique and they asked us to do their project.

The project was completely designed by Turkish experts, but this led to some difficulties. Since only Turkish materials were projected, there was some difficulty in finding them at the local market. We had bring the major part directly from Turkey.

The boutique was designed with much overhead shelves and hanging materials, and for the walls not to fall, we had to find a non-standard solution.

We built the inner side of a shop with a metal frame, which can withstand a load up to 2 tons. Such frames were used in the construction of Bank branches to enhance the safety and security)