Almaty, SEC "Mega Park"
Area: 1000 sq. m.
Internal finishing works
Network engineering
Electrical and low-voltage operations
Fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems
Timeframe: 7 weeks

Children's entertainment Wonderland Park "EVRIKUM"

Interactive educational and entertainment Park EVRIKUM opens up the world of complex science. You and your kids will be able to participate and conduct real experiments in such fields of science as: physics, optics, gravitation, acoustics, mechanics, and more. In EVRIKUM science becomes incredibly interesting, intimate and simple.

Basically, all the constructions and some of the rooms were made out of metal, where accuracy in welding and equipment installation was needed. Client in his turn, provided the project, but often decisions had to be made on the spot during construction works.

Initially, another contractor started the construction and installation work, but due to the fact that the contractor could not cope with the time, the customer made a decision to give all of the work to Bauberg company. All installation works and installed equipment were completed in the specified period. The customer was very pleased with the speed and quality of Baubergwork, this can be confirmed by the received recommendation letter to the Bauberg company.