Our Directions


We can design the objects of any complexity.

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We can perform high-quality construction and finishing works.

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We can manage projects at all stages whether it is design or construction and perform the facility management.

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Welcome to Bauberg

Hello, my name is Berik Nurgaziev.

I am the head of Bauberg Company and I always want to be closer to the customers.

I work in construction filed for 15 years and with each year that I immerse in this business, I understand that I chose the right path.

Since childhood, I dreamed of different ancient buildings. Various mechanisms and systems in the ancient cities, pyramids, historical buildings, etc. I always liked to see how civilization are constructed and developed.

Therefore, when I faced a choice, I followed the path of construction and engineering.

Educated at METU (Middle East Technical University, Ankara), which is recognized as one of the best in the world and after working a few years abroad, I saw how work in settled in the companies with a world name. These companies have very high standards of work and I am glad that I was able to examine them.

And now I see one of the key challenges - implementation, maintenance and dissemination of high standards on the territory of our country.

I put all the knowledge and skills to ensure that every customer is satisfied for one hundred percent.

I really love my job and I am proud of it.

Berik Nurgaziev
CEO Bauberg
Almaty, Republic Kazakhstan